Business Automation

Repeatable and Human centric processes are always prone to error and in many cases, correction involves cost and impact on trust and confidence on the process and people.

BIL solution aims to handle this problem by way of process re-engineering and automation, targeting the entire process/Workflow (end2end) rather than any single individual role based task. Re-engineering simplifies “complex” process and Automation to connect multiple enterprise information technology (IT) systems, and is tailored specifically to the needs of an organization.

BIL brings together people, applications, devices, and information across an organization to produce a truly agile and digital organization.

The use of IT solutions to automate and integrate steps in the process is central to our Services.

An optimized end-to-end business workflow that includes IT operations, infrastructure, data management, and more, can streamline processes that are critical in daily operations

A four-step approach to diagnose and improve process efficiency is adopted:

  • Understand, measure and document the existing processes (establish Baseline)
  • Identify the processes to be redesigned or eliminated
  • Identify IT levers for improvement (technology and productivity improvement tools)
  • Structure the ROI around Time and Efficiency improvements (against Baseline)

BIL Solution benefits an organization, in terms of:

  • Improved streamlined performance leading to increased productivity
  • Reduced human error resulting into reduction in operational cost
  • Increased Transparency and improved Compliance
  • Enhanced customer experience