Infrastructure Management Services

Infrastructure Management Services

We provide a range of service for managing application implementations, their maintenance and upkeep. In a nutshell, we ensure your applications are running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The most critical layer that supports all the business applications of an organization is its IT infrastructure. Downtimes and delays directly impact corporate productivity and affect costs and revenues. With the increasing complexities and demands of application software, managing IT infrastructure is also becoming increasingly complex.

You can address these challenges and concerns by outsourcing the infrastructure services and their management to a trusted partner who has a core competency in this area and the experience of building, managing IT infrastructure for their customers.

BIL’s team of dedicated, multi-skilled personnel takes care of your IT resources, leaving you free to focus on your core Job function/ Business. While managing your IT infrastructure, we help you optimize your IT resources through well-defined processes and round the clock support. We address your infrastructure management needs through best practices

BIL undertakes projects for IMS in one of the following modes

Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS) where the client infrastructure is managed and monitored from one of our Network Operations Center (NOC) located in India.

Facilities Management where the IT infrastructure is managed and monitored by our consultants from the client’s location

Some of the IT Infrastructure Services that we provide include

Network Management

Element management of devices, capacity management, link availability and utilization management, application response time analysis, System administration, Hardware maintenance support, Operational support, Network monitoring

Server Management

Server Administration, performance proactive monitoring, reporting and corrective action, management, data backup and recovery services Patch administration, Capacity planning Hardware maintenance support

Help Desk Management

User support, knowledge capturing and updates, complaint management, hand holding, application support, customizable report

Desktop Management

Profile management, Software / Application deployment, patch management, local trouble shooting, desktop administration, sharing, printer configuration, drivers, and customization

Messaging & Application Administration

Application management, document and data uploading, application deployment / performance monitoring, access rights administration and monitoring, exceptions reporting

Mail Management Services

Management of Mail Accounts, Mail Administration, MS Exchange Monitoring

Information Security Management

Firewall management, Antivirus & Intrusion detection, management of content filtering and management, vulnerability scanning, event co-relation and administration

Performance management

Enterprise server performance bottleneck identification and management server and database performance testing and analysis

Database administration and management:

Database administration, Patch and version management, Backup and recovery, Capacity planning, Database security, Vendor interface, Replication administration

Other Professional Services

  • High availability configuration and planning support
  • Disaster recovery configuration and planning support
  • Database migration planning, implementation and support
  • SAN storage management support
  • Enterprise backup and recovery planning and support

Implementation of enterprise management tools in the areas of:

Network Management Solutions by means of –

  • Network Availability & Utilization analysis
  • Network Performance Monitoring
  • Network Capacity Management
  • Application response time analysis

Information Security Solutions catering to –

  • Management of Firewall, Anti-virus & Intrusion Detection
  • Management of content filtering & Web security
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Event co-relation and orchestration

Our application management teams have expertise with eCommerce, eCRM, Telecom, Mobile commerce, ERP, mainframe applications, application re-engineering, application migration, application porting and application maintenance. This expertise has been time tested and repeatedly proven in the field. Knowledge of on ground realities has helped us become proactive, thus averting potentially loss making situations and turning them into learning experiences for efficient IT management.