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Enterprice Solution practice


Efficient information sharing among the different components of an enterprise is perhaps one of the most critical factors for the success of an organization today.In an earlier era, that sounds ancient, but was just a few years past, every application had its own exclusive repository of data, that it alone could access and make use of. Things worked fine till enterprises began expanding. At this point in time, the need for shared data became painfully obvious, as became the need to perform operations on externally generated data. Organizations spread over different geographical areas required access to client information from the head office, head office required details of services and good supplied from the regional offices, accounting need both details to bill the customer and so on. Each component would have its own sets of data and turn around periods for sharing information over electronic or physical means became longer and longer as quantities grew. Still more complex was updating data across the enterprises and ensuring only updated data was used.

The need for applications that addressed the needs and efficiently used the resources of an entire enterprise as one became critical.It is this scenario that we address through our enterprise solutions practice. We start from the legacy and disconnected applications that form the existing information infrastructure of an organization, study, analyze and, in the end, suggest solutions that will not only meet business needs today, but will be future proof in their capacity to expand and scale with the mother organization.

Our work involves decrypting legacy data, migrating disconnected data to common platforms and building the connectivity and application infrastructure to build upon and harness it.We can build connectivity into your enterprise that spans internal computer networks, the World Wide Web, mobile platforms for sales executives or customer access as well as utilize satellite communications to link far flung locations to the central command structure. This connectivity results in the perfect integration of business inquiries receiving up to date information – sales people being able to access updated data for customer presentations, delivery agents able to deliver on time and most importantly, management being able to view the complete picture without moving from their desks.We have two flavors within the enterprise solutions practice: Intra Enterprise and Inter Enterprise. Intra Enterprise works on enabling in-house business processes while Inter Enterprise works towards integrating business with vendors, customers and business affiliates.


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